Plastic Ono Banditos

Presented by The Joanna
May 2012

In February of 2012, several members of Open Space Gallery in Baltimore migrated to Houston, Texas to install an art show that marked the first large scale collaborative project combining members’ personal work and projects. The gallery, known simply as The Joanna, is a DIY house gallery founded by Brian Rod and Cody Ledvina with the intention of opening up the community to a large variety of emerging work that Houston might not otherwise see.

It is now May of 2012 and the summer heat is upon us. As we prepare our grills and sleeveless shirts, Baltimore suddenly feels a little closer to Houston. It is on this occasion that The Joanna brings themselves in our direction to complete this gallery trade. Open Space and The Joanna function on separate levels both logistically and curatorially, yet the celebration of the meeting of these two galleries is what is presented through events such as BBQ’s, table tennis, dance parties, and video screenings.

In their words:

Projections of bodies gyrating, we didn’t start the fire, soccer fights, codeine mudslides, dad birthdays, mildew push ups, tyra banks bailout porn, richard serra getting heckled, sports cars, tres hombres, salad bar fights, an andalusian dog park, lists, desk assemblage, dupe tubes, george clooney’s hidden tattoo, wall text, and earthquakes, flavin headache, scroty led weiner, wet truck seats, longhorn nosebleed, one hitter, crumpled sheet of paper once belonging to eileen myles, sound check for the body electric, how does tom sawyer go? b-raters, kegerators, the ashes of yves klein, talkin that yang, barrington levee, pants with built in knee pad, b-rod, dog training mistakes, have you guys seen my phone? ray charles, once fisted, twice shy, frenetically fucked on found furniture, art resumes, water down the drain, tarkovsky costume design, live oak thunderclap, tacos al cabron, whats a funkadelic, skeet shoot tragedy, sharon cox, hegemonic power plays, some beckett, boat shoe cheese, what my mom thinks i do, trouble double dub, do you like paintings about drugs? wye oakleys?, chicharrones de chonis, baba-ism, teen program, Erikssophistication, red shoe diaries, lee iacoccas autobiography, written in light, a scar from a beer can so many years ago.