January – March, 2012

New works by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

Press Release:

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez (b. 1983) is a cuban-born artist, musician, and writer who lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. Using techniques borrowed from the world of commercial art, he examines the roles of design, labor and production in an atmosphere where virtuality often supersedes actuality. By diffusing the objective of marketing, he arrives at a commercial language mangled by its own transitory nature. His digital renderings, videos, paintings, and sculptures often express a sense of transitioning through a social hierarchy, as if third and first world sensibilities collided in an amalgamation of structure and disarray.

His work has been exhibited at home and abroad in such exhibitions as the Prague Contemporary Art Festival and Art 42 Basel in Basel, Switzerland. More recently, his illustration work was exhibited as part of Interboro Partners’ “Holding Pattern”, a summer exhibition at Moma PS1.