Reconfigured Explorations

May – June, 2011

New works by Clay McGlamory

Press Release:

Clay McGlamory is an artist who lives and works in Norfolk, Virginia. His work creates optically charged images on layered sheets of acrylic, exploring the formal qualities of color, light, shape, and pattern through experimentation with the properties of kaleidoscopes, tessellations and repetition of patterned imagery. His works are often gargantuan in scale and lit from behind, which along with his generous use of color and overlapping imagery creates an assault on the viewers’ optic nerves.

He has taught printmaking and design for the better part of the last two decades at Old Dominion University and The Governors School for the Arts in Norfolk, as well as running Half Ass Press, showing work nationally and internationally, and participating in the Southern Graphics Council, American Print Alliance, and the Peninsula Glass Guild.