Riches & Ruin

November – December, 2011

New works by Benjamin Kelley

Press Release:

I’m looking at a photograph. A man in a crisp 1950’s business suit stands pensively in some type of barn or warehouse space, its difficult to tell which. A strong silhouette is cast from the window behind him, its full daylight outside but the space of the photograph is intensely dark. Some daylight is spilling down over the mans right hand and one can see some type of mechanical wreckage at his feet, metal and rivets mangled into a strangely organic form. The man’s gaze however is not down at the ruins immediately in front of him; it’s straight ahead as if he’s looking out onto the horizon.
He’s gazing at something outside of the frame, out into the darkness.

Black coal formed to the shape of a model T fender, a shadow of a
bygone era.

A clean black rectangle of glass, reminiscent of the border of every
MacBook Pro screen.

A reminder that the past lies as much in the realm of the imagination
as the future.


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