Visible Matter (Above Ground)

December 2010

Participating Artists:
Noel Freibert 
Carlos Gonzales

Press Release:
Under the floorboards, over the fence, behind the wall there is a separate zone teaming with energy and decay. A world with language, behavior, culture (both ancient and contemporary), and physical limits different from those of our own. Noel Freibert and Carlos Gonzales are traders and ambassadors between this foreign zone and ours. They bring back stories and artifacts and sell them to the mass market in limited editions.

As a result of either our own irresponsibility and misfortune or perhaps of these young men’s diligent work, the differences between these zones are diminishing and increasingly difficult to define.

Who is in control? What dark hand guides our fortune? By whose rules should we abide? Are we capable of expelling these new feelings or must we come to terms with them? These questions will not be answered at “Visible Matter (Above Ground)” Opening 7pm, November 6, 2010 at Open Space Gallery.