King Me

Open Space presents King Me, a two-part show by DUOX, a collaborative group composed of Dan Wickerham and Malcolm Lomax.  The first part of the event runs through most of October, and the opening is October 10th (7-10pm).  Bibs.  Hand smeared rags. Fragrant flyers passed out by muscles.  And Creative Hangovers.

The work attempts to repackage a set of motifs: black pretzels, leisure, work and labor, vacations, journals, morning preparation, transparent Casper, work clothes, sweet and salty sex, image as sculpture, masks, soaps, snacks as lunches, beards, bugs, and hot showers.

Baguettes, broom handles, grommeted belts, cool whip, doggy doors, lipstick, red bull caves, gold balls, silver birds, bronze lids, caged bird, hood ornaments, pin stripped suits, streetwear, weather vain, pizza delivery.  Basically, the works are tarred and feathered.

Starbucks, Subway, Grand Central, Never on Sunday, Starbucks.

In addition, DUOX will present the second part of King Me as a one day event on December 12th at Open Space.  A collection of clear plastic promises.  Heavy on top pleasure on bottom.