The Suspended Moment

June 2010

Press Release:

“…these are fragments of time when I was ripped from the flow of narrative into a singlemoment.  A moment when sound and vision were inverted themselves, torn inside out and filled my attention to capacity.” –Uta Barth

Open Space Gallery is pleased to present “The Suspended Moment” a group show curated by Neal Reinalda that brings together 7 emerging artists with a variety of approaches to an abstract theme.  Through video, printmaking, painting, photography and sculpture the works explore the bewilderment and wonder of everyday life while maintaining an awareness of their materials and intentions.

In a culture of continual and rapid change, these are moments preserved without being sacred; moments in which we are asked to turn our attention to the mundane and commonplace.
Everyday we get lost in these moments. We get lost in our ideas, in the differences and similarities of things, in objects and in images.  We get lost in expectations and surprises, in thoughts and words, in people and places. We misunderstand each other and stumble upon understanding just to lose it as fast as we found it. Our enlightenment is muddled with enjoyment and our self–awareness with sentiment.

Featuring works by:
Ilia Ovetchkin
Nicholas Gottlund
Will Pesta
Peggy Chiang
Conor Backman
Alex Delany
Lauren Brick