Fifth Annual Publications & Multiples Fair

Open Space Baltimore Presents
the Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair

BALTIMORE, MD, March 2014 –

Open Space is pleased to announce the Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair on March 8 and 9, 2014. This annual event is a celebration and survey of artist publications, prints, and objects produced in multiple. This year’s fair promises a wide variety of publications and objects by over 80 independent publishers, galleries and artists from Baltimore and beyond. The fair is free and open to the public.

THE FAIR: PMF V Open Space’s Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair

D Center, 16 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218
March 8th and 9th, 12pm – 6pm Saturday and Sunday
2D Cloud
57 Cell
Andrew Walters
Andy Gabrysiak
Arts & Sciences Projects
Beauty Today
Bernard Stiegler
Bite Not Press
Black Aggie Press
Blaise Larmee
Booklyn Artists Alliance
Brian Blomerth
Color Wheel Digital Printing
Conveyor Editions
Current Space
Dale Beran
Dylan Thadani
Ehse Records
Emily Burtner
Empty Stretch
Eric Helgas
Gary Kachadourian
Get Lost
Ginevra Shay
Hic & Hoc Publications
Holy Page Records
Hood College Art Galleries
James Bouché
Jessica Hans Ceramics
Julia Scott
Julia Yerger
Justin Sloane Kingsboro
Kodi Fabricant
Kyle Tata
Lale Westvind
Lauren Pakradooni
Leah Wishnia
Lease Agreement
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Litho Shop
Matt Thurber
Max Eilbacher
Mega Press
MICA: Retooling the Cottage
Mickey Zacchilli
Mike Taylor Mixed Media
Morgan Frailey
Nicholas Verstraeten NNA Tapes Open Space Peradam Player Press Poety Unlimited
Print/Collect Process Collective
Publishing Genius
Rachel Younghans
Rock & Rose
Rock Bottom
Rosemary Liss
Ryan Syrell
Sacred Prism
Spaces Corners
Spider’s Pee-Paw
Swill Children
Terence Hannum
Too Temporary
WEIRD Magazine
Wham City
Wiley Guillot
Worms Press
Zach Hazard Vaupen
Zine Of The Month


– – Virtual – –

Thumbs Up – Sight specific, wireless broadcast of works made for viewing on cell phones and other glass devices. Featuring works by Ben Marcus (Chicago), Ryan Riss (Denver), and more.

– – Friday March 7th – –

The Crown, 1910 N Charles St

Music from Gun Tit, Vlonde, Oh Hang, and more

 – – Saturday March 8th – –

MICA Studio Center 131 W North Ave

Super Intense Fan Fiction Reading Series: Jordan Card convinces noted Baltimore personalities to unlock their diaries and read the most personal excerpts from their voluminous store of passionate fan fiction. Featuring Rjyan Kidwell (Silver Surfer), Dale Beran (Twilight), Molly Colleen O’Connell (Golden Girls), and Justin Lucas (Steve: Irwin The Crocodile Hunter). Blushing encouraged.

Spiral Cinema Presents: Selections from UNDERVOLT. Screening and Q+A with Jimmy Joe Roche and Nicholas O’ Brien

Animation Screening and Q+A from Dash ShawPreparing Images for Digital Printing: A lecture by Liz Donadio, owner & operator of Color Wheel. Learn how to best prepare your files for existence outside the digital realm. With 10 years of experience making digital prints, Donadio will share her expertise on how to achieve optimal quality and consistent results.

Club K, 2101 Maryland Ave:

Early Pop Music Show, 6pm

– – Sunday March 9th – –

Wind Up Space, 12 W North Ave:

Poetry Readings: Lesser Gonzalez Alverez, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Brendan Sullivan, Alex Ventura, Tim Paggi, Alaina Stamatis, Chloe Maratta

MICA Studio Center, 131 W North Ave:

Pecha Kucha: Selector Series. This quick-fire presentation lineup features notable creatives sharing their ideas on curation, selection, and editing. Liz Durette, Keith Varadi, Megan Plunkett, R.M. O’Brien, Deana Haggag, Sydney Shen, Andrew Liang, Aaron Estes, Kelley McNutt, Nik Planck


– – Friday March 7th – –

Wanting/Waiting, Linda Yung LEASE AGREEMENT, 3718 Ellerslie Ave. 4-8pm

Black and White, works by Jackie Riccio, Rachael Davis, Zack Schmitt, Max Anderson, Lisk Feng, Nicole Rodrigues, Kimi Hanauer, Luis Rivas, Shane Smith, Lee Heinemann, Lili Roberts-Gevalt, Chris Williford, and Izzy Garcia curated by Soja Solvang and Marines Montalvo in conjunction with ALLOVERSTREET at Penthouse Gallery, 1501 Guilford Avenue APT B501 and Annex 2E, 419 E Oliver St. APT 2E, 7-10pm

SPF, works by Val Karuskevich and Steve Riddle, opening in conjunction with ALLOVERSTREET at Springsteen, 1511 Guilford Ave Unit B303, 7-10 pm.

– – Saturday March 8th – – 

Crisis Image, Opening of the Alternative Press Center at the Alternative Press Center Library at 2239 Kirk Avenue, 12-6 PM

Find No Two Suns, Sophia Belkin and Suzanna Zak curated by Ginevra Shay with curatorial assistant, Emily Mason at Current Space 421 N. Howard Street, 7-10 PM

Cookbook Dreams and Inflatable Futures, Antoine Lefebvre, Robin Cameron, Cybele Lyle, Luca Antonucci, John Bohl, NOWORK, Lauren van Haaften-Schick, curated by Arts & Sciences Projects at Guestspot at the Reinstitute, 1715 N Calvert Street, 7-10 PM

Megan Plunkett, sophiajacob, 510 Franklin Street, 7-10 PM

Diane Young, A Reading Rock512Devil, 512 Franklin Street, 8 PM

2 Freak 2 Flash, Floristree, 9:30 PM
Stretch your ribs and burn your mouth. These performers present erratic humor in sensible flats. Energy is physical. Visions are palpable. Freak Flash is a series of curated screenings featuring artists who stir the surreal into waking life.

This program will feature work by: Dynasty Handbag, Jason Martin, Kelley McNutt, Keegan Monaghan, Matthew Thurber, Alan Resnick, Saki Sato, Brina Thurston