Pastoral Lull

Works by Kris Harzinski and Will Haughery

The pattern breaks, skips and snakes its way up my back, connecting with the pattern on your ribs. I carry your weight, and you mine. Together we stand in silence, only the sound of the lights above us, their electrified filaments buzzing with heat.
The energy is liquid, untapped and preserved, the excess covered, but no less potent. A scene is created, past time… or was it last time? The playbook is worn, overused and tattered. The play moves forward, this time in silence, this time withdrawn.
It moves, in stillness, every moment distilled and preceded by itself. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripples enchant and mesmerize the gaze. Flattened and upended, on the wall, not on the ground. Relics of similar activities adorn these trophy stands, gilded in sweat of past scrimmages.

Pastoral Lull is a new body of work by Will Haughery and Kris Harzinski consisting of video, sculptures and sculptural photographs. They create a trophy-room of sorts wherein aestheticized rural motifs become their loot.

Kris Harzinski and Will Haughery have maintained a collaborative practice since 2008.  Their work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Artspace (Ontario) and ACRE Projects and venues including the ICA Philadelphia, Ashes/Ashes, Fjord, Vox Populi, the Gene Siskel Film Center, and L’hybride (France). Their work has been discussed in Art F City, Bad At Sports, Hyperallergic, and Emergency Index.

Join us for an opening Saturday August 1st from 7-10pm at Open Space, 512 W. Franklin St.