Crystal Magic Weapon

Works by Kara Gut

The landscape of the open-world action role playing game provides the user with the illusion of infinite space.



The personalized narrative and sequence of the user inside of the body of the avatar

Repeated and curated body contact with object creates environment for sexual pleasure and wonder

Body on body in a virtual reality.

Kara Gut’s work investigates the new shape of human intimacy formed by internet lifestyle, constructed detachment from reality, and the power dynamics of the virtual. Using image and screen-based media, she explores the necessity of certain digital spaces. She is specifically interested in how the patriarchal conversation within these spaces can be subverted to generate new meaning.

She works with video, screen capture, and the appropriation of experiences from the internet, video games, and other virtual spaces. The resulting pieces are sculptural in nature. She is interested in expressing the mythos of the digital and how it manifests in the physical realm. The work centers around this concept, and takes the form of objects that play with language, translation, faux-intimacy, consumerism, and a metamorphosis born from the lore of digital and internet lifestyles. Specific gaming and roleplaying cultures exist to serve as a metaphor for our constant mythologizing of digital space at large.

A multidisciplinary artist with an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Kara is the recipient of the Peter MacKendrick Endowment for Visual Artists. Her work has been collected by Cranbrook Art Museum as well as numerous private collections. Her work was recently featured by Refigural Magazine, The Unstitute, and the Detroit Center for Con-temporary Photography. Kara currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.

Opening reception, December 7 2017. On view through January 1, 2018.