Third Annual Publications and Multiples Fair

Open Space is pleased to announce its Third Annual Publications and Multiples Fair on April 28th and 29th, 2012, from 12-6 pm. This annual event is a celebration and survey of artist publications, prints, objects in multiple and much more. Co-curated with Nicholas Gottlund of Gottlund Verlag in conjunction with his show, Baker’s Dozen, currently on view at Open Space, this year’s fair promises a wide variety of artist publications and multiples from Baltimore and abroad. Exhibiting artists and publishers include:

Chloe Maratta
Chris Day
Closed Caption Comics
Dylan Thadani
Friends Records
FUKT Magazine
Gary Kachadourian
Gottlund Verlag
Guest Spot
Half Letter Press
Important Comics
Jason Kachadourian
The Kingsboro Press
Noel Freibert
OSO Press
Public Collectors
Real Guts
Schematic Quarterly
Spaces Corners
Suzanna Zak
Swill Children
Temporary Services
Video On Paper
Wtr Clr Records

This year’s fair also includes lectures by David Senior and Ed Panar.

David Senior is a Bibliographer for the Museum of Modern Art Library, where he manages the development of the library’s collection with a particular focus on artists’ publications and other experimental publications in the fields of modern and contemporary art and design. Senior will discuss contemporary artist books as well as some of the shows he has organized and curated, including Access to Tools: Publicationsfrom the Whole Earth Catalog, 1968-1974 and Millennium Magazines. 

Ed Panar is a artist and photographer who often works with other artist publishers. Born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania during the funk era in 1976, he graduated from high school during the grunge era in 1994. He went on to receive his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2005 during the middle of the Bush administration. His recent publications include Golden Palms (J&L, 2007), Same Difference (Gottlund Verlag, 2010), and Animals That Saw Me (The Ice Plant, 2011). His most recent book series Salad Days is being published by Gottlund Verlag. Ed currently lives and works among the forested hills and hollows of Pittsburgh.




Ordinary Spectacles

November 14 – December 5, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 14, 7-10PM

Open Space is proud to present Ordinary Spectacles, a group curated show of five artists whose selected works address contemporary notions of painting.

With works by Gideon Chase, Steve Keane, Andrew Kirk, Erica Prince and David Ubias. 

Gideon Chase is a recent graduate of MICA where he received his BFA in painting. He was born in San Francisco where he currently lives and works.

Steve Keene’s work grew in part from Steve’s friendship with and admiration of musicians. Steve says, “I want buying my paintings to be like buying a CD: it’s cheap, it’s art and it changes your life, but the object has no status. Musicians create something for the moment, something with no boundaries and that kind of expansiveness is what I want to come across in my work.” In the past few years he has collaborated with the Silver Jews, Pavement, The Apples in Stereo, Soul Coughing, Dave Matthews Band and Merzbow to create album art, video sets, stage sets and posters. He currently lives & works in Brooklyn NY.

Andrew Watson Kirk was born in 1987. He grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ a Philadelphia suburb. In 2005, he moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where he graduated magna cum laude in 2009, with a BFA in painting. He is currently a student in MICA’s Master’s of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, a nationally recognized art educator preparation program, from which Mr. Kirk plans to graduate in 2010. Mr. Kirk’s recent work is a look on his youth in suburban New Jersey. He is interested in reconfiguring a view of the familiar, into the spectacle of newness, where the mind is suspended between a state of perceiving and a state of knowing and creating meaning.

Erica Prince is a Canadian artist working in Philadelphia. By projecting furniture, “art”, clutter, and décor into her drawn interiors, Prince creates environments of indulgence and frivolity. Lowbrow art and design merge to the effect of cinematic space, un-peopled yet distinctly evocative of the characters that might inhabit them. Her open-air architectural spaces depict extreme, and often questionable architectural possibilities of the future. Prince received a BFA in printmaking from The Maryland Institute College of Art, and was recently featured in New American Paintings magazine. She will attend The Vermont Studio Center residency in the spring of 2010.

David Ubias received his MFA from the Mt. Royal School of Art at MICA. He has been featured in the 2007 Texas Biennial, Art Miami, The Affair in Portland, Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, and Proyecto Magenta in Mexico. He has also had solo shows at the Lawndale Art Center and the Apama Mackey Gallery in Houston. His recent body of work include paintings and structures that mimic personal experiences. He would also like to trade drawings with you.


King Me

Open Space presents King Me, a two-part show by DUOX, a collaborative group composed of Dan Wickerham and Malcolm Lomax.  The first part of the event runs through most of October, and the opening is October 10th (7-10pm).  Bibs.  Hand smeared rags. Fragrant flyers passed out by muscles.  And Creative Hangovers.

The work attempts to repackage a set of motifs: black pretzels, leisure, work and labor, vacations, journals, morning preparation, transparent Casper, work clothes, sweet and salty sex, image as sculpture, masks, soaps, snacks as lunches, beards, bugs, and hot showers.

Baguettes, broom handles, grommeted belts, cool whip, doggy doors, lipstick, red bull caves, gold balls, silver birds, bronze lids, caged bird, hood ornaments, pin stripped suits, streetwear, weather vain, pizza delivery.  Basically, the works are tarred and feathered.

Starbucks, Subway, Grand Central, Never on Sunday, Starbucks.

In addition, DUOX will present the second part of King Me as a one day event on December 12th at Open Space.  A collection of clear plastic promises.  Heavy on top pleasure on bottom.


Püss Füst

Open Space is pleased to present the second annual Püss Füst, a festive marathon of all-girl phenomena. In addition to artwork on floors and walls, ladies will be taking over all of the Remington based gallery, presenting dance routines, musical performance, interactive kiosks, and doo wop.

The opening reception (and only time to catch all of the performances) will take place on January 16th, 2010. The visual exhibition runs through February 6th. Open Space is located at 2720 Sisson St Baltimore, MD 21211 and offers gallery hours Friday 4-8, Saturdays and Sundays 12-4.

Artists will include:
Rahne Alexander, Alisa Alig, Kristen Anchor, Mia Ardito, Diane Barcelowsky, Michelle Belfield, Annika Blomberg, Hannah Brancato, Muffy Brandt, Ingrid Burrington, Mylinh Chau, Theresa Columbus, Caitlin Cunningham, Pilar Diaz, Liz Donadio, Timmy Dougherty, Lara Emerling, Eleanor Farley, Samantha Garner, Mollie Goldstrom, Liz Hayes, Maya Hayuk, Kendra Hebel, Christine Herz, Elizabeth Hollon, Jungil Hong, Ann Kelly, Stefani Levin, Amy Lockhart, Xander Marro, Keelin Mayer, Sarah Milinski, Monica Mirabile, Jamie Mohr, Maire O’Neill, Beth Pakradooni, Shana Palmer, Claire Plumb, Erica Prince, Natalie Purkey, Katherine Anne Ralston, Lindsay Rowinski, Molly Siegel, Hayley Silverman, Kat Sotelo, Hillery Sproatt, Brina Thurston, Sarah Tooley, Eden Veaudry, Caitlin Williams, & Liz Zacharia

+ more!

curated by Molly O’Connell, Maire O’Neill, & Sarah Milinski



Fluorescent Brown: A Salon

Open Space gallery presents their fifth show : “Fluorescent Brown: A Salon” curated by Mark Mahosky. This exhibition features four Pennsylvania based artists presenting their work in Baltimore for the first time. Sheena Gabrielli, Sydney Howells, Mark Mahosky, and Mike Shoudt’s work incorporates text, abstraction, consciously incompetent representation, and ephemeral materials.
 The opening reception will take place on February 12 from 7pm to 10pm. The exhibition runs through March 5. Open Space is located at 2720 Sisson
St Baltimore, MD 21211 and offers gallery hours Friday 4-8, Saturdays and
Sundays 12-4.

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Second Annual Publications and Multiples Fair

Open Space is pleased to present its Second Annual Publications and Multiples Fair, March 26th & 27th  2011, at Open Space Gallery, 2720 Sisson St, Baltimore, MD 21211

AK Press
Closed Caption Comics
Creative Capitalism
Fan Death Records
Friends Records
Golden Age
Gottlund Verlag
The Kingsboro Press
Lay Flat
Lost Ghosts Records
Real Guts
Schematic Quarterly
Secret Prison
Sumi Ink Club
Swill Children
Temporary Services
The Holster
Wildfire Wildfire
Wtr Clr Records
Tuomas Korpijaakko
Xavier Antin

Saturday @ 3:00pm: lecture by NY based artist Matt Keegan of North Drive Press
Sunday @ 7:00pm: Poetry readings by Jeremy Siegler and Eillen Myles with music by Ken Seeno



The Suspended Moment

June 2010

Press Release:

“…these are fragments of time when I was ripped from the flow of narrative into a singlemoment.  A moment when sound and vision were inverted themselves, torn inside out and filled my attention to capacity.” –Uta Barth

Open Space Gallery is pleased to present “The Suspended Moment” a group show curated by Neal Reinalda that brings together 7 emerging artists with a variety of approaches to an abstract theme.  Through video, printmaking, painting, photography and sculpture the works explore the bewilderment and wonder of everyday life while maintaining an awareness of their materials and intentions.

In a culture of continual and rapid change, these are moments preserved without being sacred; moments in which we are asked to turn our attention to the mundane and commonplace.
Everyday we get lost in these moments. We get lost in our ideas, in the differences and similarities of things, in objects and in images.  We get lost in expectations and surprises, in thoughts and words, in people and places. We misunderstand each other and stumble upon understanding just to lose it as fast as we found it. Our enlightenment is muddled with enjoyment and our self–awareness with sentiment.

Featuring works by:
Ilia Ovetchkin
Nicholas Gottlund
Will Pesta
Peggy Chiang
Conor Backman
Alex Delany
Lauren Brick


Bekí Basch: Vision Quest Lundi: Baltimore

April 2010

Press Release:
Open Space is pleased to announce an exhibition of sculpture, drawing, and film by the Baltimore-based artist Bekí Basch. The exhibition will premiere the video Vision Quest Lundi: Baltimore along with a series of drawings and sculpture made in response to this work.

Vision Quest Lundi: Baltimore is the first to be completed in a projected series of films that follows two protagonists on a quest to find the Atlantic Puffin in its natural habitat. The narrative begins in Baltimore, where Puffins are held captive in the National Aquarium and eventually makes its way to Iceland where they densely populate the Westman Islands. This northern migration of the protagonists is a love story that runs parallel to the birds – as their general well being and living situation serves as a meter for the health of the couple, or their health as individuals.

In this chapter, the lovers first meet – blind and under artificial circumstances – in the Mimi Di Pietro Ice Rink in Patterson Park in downtown Baltimore. The community members watch on as a ceremony takes place and the lovers attempt to join in a convoluted fashion, which mixes traditional marriage rituals with a funeral processional, a hanging and a concert by Baltimore-based musician Brendan Sullivan. They anticipate something magical and spiritual but rather than waiting, they decide to make ‘something happen’ themselves. The camo-clad audience becomes a mob of tricksters as they pull the lovers apart, zip them up in body bags and send them off to sea.

The centerpiece of this exhibition Burial Mound on the Mimi Di Pietro Ice Rink is a sculptural representation of this performance, encased in a coffin-like vitrine and buried in a mound of salt, which is made to resemble the rink. Salt is used in mass quantity here to help move on from this initial chapter and metaphorically ‘melt’ the ice rink that was the stage for this first step; from which the characters have now made a departure.

Multi layered vellum drawings with a common template of a form, serve as a guide to show various possible situations that resemble in a formal and/or ideological way, how far-ranging elements (for example: hydrogen atoms, unhealthy eating, puffin migration, and the human body) can share similar traits and help to explain a condition when transposed upon a diagram. These examples can therefore aid in understanding the workings of a condition as a whole organism (like the monomyth idea) that cycles around incessantly in every degree of scale, from a whole life down to an expanded moment.